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In the Pursuit of Healthier Pets...

Life can get hectic and weโ€™re here to help in your time of need. Best Friends Dog Walkers is a full-service dog walker, pet sitter, and kennel alternative catering to the needs of you and your pet. GET OUR SERVICES

Best Friends Dog Walkers Provides Trustworthy Pet Services

Our Service Area Includes: Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, and Robins Iowa

dog walking cedar rapids iowa

Dog Walking

We come to your home to walk your dog in the comfort of your neighborhood. We have years of experience walking dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Walks are done in 20-minute increments. Custom walks are also available.

$15 per 20 minutes

pet sitter cedar rapids iowa

Pet Sitting

We are also available to visit your home to care for your pet while you are away. We can perform any care your pet may need including feeding, companionship, and letting them out while you are at work. We even clean litter boxes!

$15 per 20 minutes

dog boarding cedar rapids iowa

Kennel Alternative

Kenneling or boarding your pet away from home can be stressful. That’s why we provide a kennel alternative where we visit your pet multiple times a day at your home. Your pet gets to stay in the comfort of home. No worries.
$35 per day

Nutrition and Exercise for Dogs

At Best Friends Dog Walkers, one of our mottos is 'healthier dogs, one walk at a time!' We're a...
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7 Tips for Dog Walking in the Snow

Walking in the winter months alone can be difficult. As professional pet sitters, we have a great...
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Dogs, Obesity, and Dog Walks

When a dog is obese, they can be at risk for some health problems. If a person is not able to walk...
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6 Common Dog Health Problems

Being a dog parent can be very rewarding. We have always heard the saying a dog is a mans best...
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The Benefits of Dog Walking

We all know that there are many health benefits to walking for us humans. You may take your pet...
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Keep Your Dog’s Teeth White

Keeping a dog's teeth white is no easy task. Dogs don't like having their teeth brushed. It's not...
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What To Do About Dog Coughing

When a dog coughs, it can mean that he has some problems. Before knowing what to do you need to...
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Tips For Walking in the Cold

Historically speaking, we know that January and February can be the coldest months here in Iowa....
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Separation Anxiety and Your Dog

Separation anxiety has proven to be a debilitating issue for our fur babies. It is your dog's...
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Your Dog’s Paws vs. Road Salt

Wintertime has clearly started to leave its mark on many communities. Plow truck drivers and road...
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What to Do if Your Cat Stops Eating

Cats are beloved pets in a majority of homes, and the last thing you want for your cat is for him...
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Simple Litter Box Tips

We'll get straight to the point here; as professional pet sitters, we have changed many cat litter...
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Make A Cat-Friendly Xmas Tree

Anyone that has cats will know that as soon as the Christmas tree is up, the cats will be trying...
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6 Things To Keep Away From Your Cat

There are lots of common hazards that cats are going to encounter in and around the house. Any...
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Holiday Pet Sitting Tips

When a person goes out of town to visit their family over the holiday season, not everyone may be...
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The Importance of Pet Hygiene

There is a lot of responsibility when it comes to making the decision to have a pet. This is...
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Build a Relationship With Your Dog

Make your relationship with your dog a priority. Dogs and people have one definite similarity in...
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How To Choose A Cat Sitter

Hiring a cat sitter is not just a mere suggestion when it comes to getting away from your house...
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Dog Boarding Or Pet Sitting?

When you have pets, you will probably find that the most stressful part of booking a vacation is...
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The Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter

If work or travel keeps you away from your pets, you've likely considered various options, from...
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Dog Boarding and Kennels Can Be Stressful

Boarding and kennel stress is true. Dogs become stressed the same as humans and putting your dog...
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Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

Any pet parent today would love to see their pet live a long a happy life. This is not a guarantee...
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Our Kennel Alternative

Best Friends Dog Walkers recently celebrated our 4th anniversary. We are honored to be helping you...
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Choosing the Right Kennel

It's very important to pick the right kennel or dog boarding facility. At Best Friends Dog...
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Why a Pet Sitter is Your Best Bet

When a person has a long work schedule, or they are going out of town someone needs to be around...
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Is Dog Boarding Right for You?

When a person is going to be out of town, they may have to use a boarding service to care for...
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9 Top Pet Care Tips

If you happen to be a brand new pet owner, you may not be sure how to take care of your new pet...
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How to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

As most of you have already noticed, the weather is starting to change. Fall has officially...
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Common Dog Skin Troubles

Dogs just, like their human parents, can get some different skin conditions. A dog parent has to...
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4 Cat Feeding Methods to Avoid

As professional pet sitters, we like to keep our readers up to date on some philosophies when it...
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