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Dog Walking

Price: $25 per 20 minutes, $7.50 per each additional dog

Here’s how it works, we come to your home and walk your dog in the comfort of your neighborhood. We walk dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. You can schedule multiple walks in a day and we are available to walk your dog any day that we have availability. We are very flexible when it comes to payment, we accept cash, check, or payment through paypal. Ask about our custom plans.


Pet Sitting

Price: $20 per 20 minutes (price decreases as more visits are added)

Here’s how it works, we come to your home to provide any care that your pet may need. We can feed your pet, provide companionship, and let your pet outside while you are away at work. Pet Sitting is for all types of animals, not just dogs. We even clean litter boxes! Because your time is valuable, we are very flexible with pet sitting hours.


Kennel Alternative

Price: $65 per day

There are many local options for kennels and boarding facilities. But what about pets that get nervous in these settings? That’s why we provide an alternative to kenneling and boarding. Your pet gets to stay in the comfort of your home and we visit multiple times during the day to provide the care your pet needs while you are away. PLUS- Most kennels charge extra to play with your pet… we don’t.