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A good dog boarder or dog kennel can be a godsend. Most facilities are very professional and take great care of your beloved pet. On the other hand, sometimes boarding or a kennel is always the right course of action. Are pets are unique, and not all of them do well in all environments. Sometimes it’s best to keep them at home. Best Friends Dog Walkers provide a kennel alternative in which we visit your house to care for your pet when you are away. There are many benefits to a service like this:

Benefits of Boarding Your Dog or Pet at Home

Your Dog or Pet will be Comfortable at Home

Many dog boarding facilities and kennels use cages. Though this may work for some dogs, it may not be ideal for all pets. Some dog may associate cages with stressful situations, which can cause them unwanted anxiety.

Your Pet Will be Cared for by a Pet Lover

At Best Friends Dog Walkers, our staff has a lot of experience with animals of all shapes, sizes, and temperments. If you choose our kennel alternative service, we always offer a free consultation before we start. We get to know you and your pet to ensure we’re a good fit.

You Receive Updates on Your Pet

Though kennels and dog boarding facilities may be great at housing several pets, sometimes it can be challenging to report to all of the owners. We watch your pet in your home, so your dog or cat can receive the individualized care they need. We communicate directly with the owners and are always ready in the case of emergencies.

Your Dog May Get Much More Exercise

Many kennels and dog boarding facilities charge an extra fee to exercise your pet. Our kennel alternative service includes at least one, 20-minute walk per day. It can even be substituted or supplemented by playtime in the yard. We like to provide the personalized care your dog may need.

A Dog Boarding Alternative is Less Expensive

One day of our kennel alternative service is $35. This is set at around the average price for one pet at a kennel with no added services, like exercise or doggy daycare perks. If you are kenneling two dogs, for example, you usually have to pay twice the fee. Not with us though!

In home dog boarding really is a win-win for dogs and pets. Our pet’s happiness is important and sometimes kennels and boarding facilities and quite right for your pet.

If you have questions regarding any or our pet services including dog walking, pet sitter, and kennel alternatives, please reach out to us at [email protected]