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There is a lot of responsibility when it comes to making the decision to have a pet. This is especially the case with dogs. We are responsible for making sure that they are fed, clean, and go out on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, we live in a society where we do not have as much time as we need to make sure they are constantly paid attention to. This is where essential services like dog walking and pet sitting make a huge difference in their day to day lives. We are going to discuss all of the different ways your best friend needs to be taken care of.

How a Pet Sitter Ensures the Health of Your Pet

Pet Hygiene Doesn’t Mean Just Baths

Sometimes, things can fall through the cracks. While baths semi-weekly make a huge difference, especially with dogs that have allergy issues; there are other aspects that need to be acknowledged. Dogs can easily build up plaque and tartar. This leads to serious teeth issues. They can get infections, just like humans! Their teeth then begin to deteriorate. If left untreated, they could get very sick or even die. Ask your pet sitter for their opinion on your dog’s teeth.

Trimming their nails and making sure their coats are brushed makes a huge difference in their lives. If nails aren’t trimmed consistently, walking on their little paws could cause serious pain. Depending on the breed of dog, if their fur isn’t maintained, it could become matted. Having mats can be painful, as well. Think about what happens when someone doesn’t brush their hair on a day to day basis. Their hair becomes tangled and can eventually turn into a dread if they let it go long enough. It is a painful process removing them. You don’t want to cause pain to your best friend.

Keeping Up With Shots and Vet Visits

Another good practice of “hygiene” is maintaining their health to make sure no illnesses spread to other animals. This means getting their shots routinely, making sure they do not have fleas and bringing them in for check-ups. While it may not be their favorite place to be, they will be at their peak physical health.

The Dog Walker and Kennels

For owners that travel a lot, dog walkers and kennels tend to be services that are beneficial. That means spending more time with other dogs that may not be as healthy as they should be. By practicing everything we spoke about, it will not only cut back on how often your dog is sick. It will impact the dogs around them in a positive way.

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