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It’s very important to pick the right kennel or dog boarding facility. At Best Friends Dog Walkers, we provide a kennel alternative to the Cedar Rapids area. This means that we visit your dog in the safety and convenience of your home.

Choosing the right kennel

There are many factors that can be evaluated when choosing the right kennel. When choosing a dog kennel for dog boarding facility, some features of a place should just be mandatory. A person does not want to go away for a week and then come back to find out their dog has not been on a walk once. Dogs need that regular exercise; in fact, they really look forward to it each day.

There are some lower scale places that just stick the dog in the kennel, but that does not sound pleasant. After all, how will they clean the cage after the dog goes to the bathroom? Proper sanitation standards dictate that dogs should go to the bathroom outside like they have been trained to do, not inside the facilities.

Also, a dog kennel should be sanitary in general. If there is mold in the house, then this is not a safe place for the dog to be staying. Try to get a general idea about the dog kennel by looking at how well they maintain their amenities. Ask to use the washroom at the kennel. If it is unkept, then the staff is probably overworked, and the owner does not spend much money on the building.

It is advisable to do this shopping for dog boarding in advance. Many people have regretted their choice to not visit the kennel before dropping off the pet. They can arrive back from the vacation well rested, but carry some guilt about the type of place that they made their dog stay in.

Do not revert though to asking a friend to take care of the dog while away. Usually, friends are busy with their lives and will inadvertently neglect the pet. They might be the type of people who are skittish around animals, so they do not want to be in the same room as the pet. The dog will sense this type of fear and react nervously.

With the abundance of dog kennels, it should be relatively easy to make a sufficient choice. Just take the time to research and visit the places before signing the dog’s weeks away in a dump.

If you have any questions regarding our pet sitter, dog walker, or kennel alternative services, please reach out to us at [email protected]