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Make your relationship with your dog a priority.

Dogs and people have one definite similarity in their personalities. We’re both social beings. That being said, it’s easy to agree that relationships are vital for social beings. When you and your dog have a healthy relationship, it motivates both of you to make each other happy. This relationship goes both ways and can allow both you and your dog some control of the show. An example of this can be seen when walking your dog. When one of you is dragging the other along, the walk can be a bummer. This can be a sign of an imbalanced relationship. Dogs are often required to function in our human world. So, in this case, we need to provide the leadership role. But don’t worry about being a boss all the time. There will be instances where your dogs are shining examples of leadership.

Help your dog trust you.

Just like our parent’s love for us bloomed over the years, one cannot deny that dogs develop the same attachment too. It is vital that your dog’s attachment to you is built on trust. Studies show that in relationships with your dog that are built on trust, your dog is much less likely to develop behavior problems. One way to ensure this healthy bond is to respond quickly and consistently to your pet’s needs. In a perfect world, we should never make our pet feel like they have to earn our love and affection.

Assist your dog in learning.

Learning can be a pleasant and motivating experience. When a dog discovers that sitting when his person sits helps keep his group in and makes his person happy. Motivated learning is great for dogs. It allows them to develop a strong bond with their humans and exercise a measure of control over their environment, necessary for rational well-being. Motivated learning in dogs is also better for humans because it requires less attention and allows our dogs more flexibility in understanding what constitutes fitting behavior. A dog who knows how to sit when asked needs more direction and management than does a dog who figures out that it is the best thing to do in a given situation. By giving your dog a chance to learn his own behavior by watching you as a leader, your relationship will be much more rewarding.

As professional pet sitters, we have accumulated a lot of experience over the years on this topic. We hope that you have many happy years with your fur baby. Thanks for reading.

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