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When you have pets, you will probably find that the most stressful part of booking a vacation is wondering where to leave your pet and if they are going to be ok. The two main options that are available to you are dog boarding and pet sitting, and there are advantages to both of these.

Dog Boarding

If you choose pet boarding, then your pet will go and live somewhere else for the duration of your trip. This may be at a place specifically designed for this purpose, or some people choose to board animals in their home. You may also have the option to board your pet at the local vets. The fee that you will pay for this boarding service will largely depend on the amenities that are offered to your pet. Boarding is often a good option for sociable pets such as dogs who may enjoy the interaction with other dogs, but it is available for all animals. You should be able to find reviews of different boarding companies online to find out whether they are well recommended.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting involves someone coming to your home and caring for your pet there. You can arrange for the sitter to call in at certain times during the day or you may want them to stay at your home on a live-in basis. The amount that this service will cost will depend on the time that the sitter spends with your pet. On average this service is usually cheaper than boarding. The main advantage to choosing a pet sitter is that your pet can remain in familiar surroundings and this can cause them less stress. If you think that your pet may be anxious without you around then, this is something that you may want to consider.

Which Is The Best Option?

You know your pet better than anyone, and you will know which option is going to suit them best. If you do not want to cause too much disruption to your pet, then pet sitting may be the answer, but ultimately it will depend on your personal circumstances.