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When a dog is obese, they can be at risk for some health problems. If a person is not able to walk their dog during the day they can hire a dog walker or a dog walking service to help keep their pet in shape. There are some others tips for dealing with obesity in pets and how to get them healthy once again. As a professional pet sitter, we have some tips for you.

Causes of dog obesity

There are many ways that a pet can become obese. There are some health conditions that cause obesity such as hypothyroidism. However, many of the causes for obesity are nurture related. Doggie parents may give the pets too many treats or table food and the pet may not get enough exercise. When a dog is fixed it may not need as many calories each day to stay healthy, and this can be reflected in weight gain. Consider hiring a dog walker to supplement your dog’s physical activity.

Health Risks when there isn’t a dog walker

Being overweight puts a dog at risk for some health conditions. They are often at an increased risk for developing arthritis since the joints will get more wear and tear. They may have trouble breathing since fat often surrounds the chest. It is often harder to care for a dog with diabetes or a heart condition if they are also obese.

Dieting for dogs and the services of a dog walker

There are some things the owner can do to help the dog lose weight. A person should follow the feeding guidelines that come on the dog food unless told otherwise by a vet. There are certain brands of dog food that have diet formulas. There are fewer calories and often more nutrients. Treats should be limited, and no one in the family should be sneaking the dog food. There are low-calorie treats that can be used on occasion. The owner and the dog should get more exercise. This can mean playing more often or taking an additional walk.

These are some things that a pet owner can do to help their obese dog. Doggie parents want their dog to live a long and happy life. Weight control is important for health, and the parent can help their obese dog lose weight and get healthy.

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