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When a person goes out of town to visit their family over the holiday season, not everyone may be willing to open their home to pets. The holidays can be a dangerous time for pets. When a person is not at home, they should have a pet sitter visit to ensure the holiday will be safe for their pets.

The Christmas Tree

Like small children, pets are often attracted to bright lights and shiny things. The water from the tree can be dangerous for the pet especially if it is a pine tree. The tree should have an included stand or a cover over the base. Be sure that the tree is secured to the wall so that it will not fall on the pet.

Ornaments, as well as the hooks and lights, can be dangerous if they are ingested. Be sure someone is around to supervise the pet and make sure they do not eat the cords or any of the decorations on the tree.

Holiday Plants

There are a number of plants that are enjoyed around the holiday that are poisonous if consumed by your pets. This includes the mistletoe, holly, poinsettias, and Christmas roses. Be sure they are kept out of the reach of the pet and also make sure someone is monitoring these plants.


Be sure someone is watching to make sure the dog does not get into the holiday food. There are a number of holiday treats including foods made with dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, and other items that can be poisonous. Be sure someone is making sure that the dog is not sneaking any of these poisonous goodies as treats.

Access to the food and water

Making sure that your pet has access to fresh water and food is always important, no matter what season. Things can get hectic during the the holiday season. So, if you must leave your pets at home while you are away, make sure that a professional is there to feed and them.

Often, a pet sitter is needed to make sure that the pets do not get into trouble. They can make sure that the pet is safe and still allow a person to enjoy any Holiday fun.

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