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Mother cats try to take care of their babies, but things in nature happen. They can become ill, get stressed, or accidents can occur. A pet sitter or a pet sitting service can help care of these little kittens. Here are some tips to help a person care for orphaned kittens.

Pet Sitter Tips for Caring for Orphaned Kittens

Care for Kittens

Before moving a kitten in right away, a person needs to see if the mother is coming back. If the kittens are alone and are in danger than a person or a pet sitter should step in right away.

Stay Warm

Kittens especially newborns cannot maintain body heat. If the kitten appears weak, then a vet should be called. Do not feed a kitten that is chilled or too weak to nurse. To keep the kittens warm, a nest can be made from a box or a carrier lined with blankets. A heating pad can be wrapped in a towel and used with caution. As your pet sitter if they can provide the necessary items.

Discuss options with a vet

Once the kittens are safe, they should be taken to a vet for a physical. The vet can look for other problems and determine the age of the kitten. They can also give emergency treatment.


Kittens should be kept away from other pets. They can have parasites that will injure the others in the home. Even after a visit to the vet they are not ready to meet other pets. If you have concerns, a pet sitter may be able to transport the kittens for you.


There is special kitten formula that can be purchased from the vet. This is as close to a mother’s milk as a person can get. Do not give the kittens cow milk. It can be fatal to them. There are special nurses that look like bottles that can be used to feed the kitten. They should never be fed belly up. This can cause a gas building up, and food can get into their lungs. Do not feed the kitten when they are cold. The formula can also end up in their lungs and cause death. Once their belly is round stop feeding. Overfeeding can be a health risk. A baby kitten may need to be fed every hour. The vet can help determine how much food the kitten is going to need.

These are some tips to help a person care for orphaned kittens, as directed by a pet sitter. While it is going to be a lot of work a person will be saving the life of these helpless babies.

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