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When a person gets a puppy, they have the responsibility to raise it in the correct way. There are some tips on how a person can raise a confident puppy that will be a good dog. As a professional pet sitter, we have experience on this topic

Pet Sitter Tips for Raising a Confident Puppy

When a puppy hits the adolescent years, it may be out of control. Some people cannot deal with the dog. There are some ways to build up confidence in the dog so it can be secure and behave.

Pet Sitter Pro Tip: Play Dates

When a puppy is little the owner should take it on play dates with dogs of all ages. This will help teach the puppy how to behave with other dogs. Socializing with others will also decrease the chances of the puppy growing up to be aggressive to other dogs.

Pet Sitter Pro Tip: Hire a Dog Walker

When a person is going to be at work, a dog walking service should come and let the puppy out. This will decrease the chances of accidents occurring in the home and build up confidence in the dog.

Pet Sitter Pro Tip: Trips to the Vet

The dog can go on a trip to the vets just for fun. They can meet the staff, see the rooms, and check the place out. This way when the puppy has to go in for a checkup, they are somewhat familiar with the place. This will decrease anxiety when going to the vets.

Pet Sitter Pro Tip: Petting

Be sure to pet the puppy regularly and touch their feet, ears, and nail while petting them. This way when the puppy has to go to the groomers or the vet, they will be used to being touched.

Pet Sitter Pro Tip: Exploration

Allow the puppy to explore. The dog should be able to check out all the room in the home when their owner is around. They can also check out the world outside and should be taken on frequent walks so they can explore. This will help the owner learn how the dog interacts with the world around them.

These are just some tips to help build a confident dog. When a puppy is given love, attention, and training, they will be able to follow the rules and live happily with their humans.

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