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Keeping a dog’s teeth white is no easy task. Dogs don’t like having their teeth brushed. It’s not a fun job for anyone who is interested in pet sitting or anything of the kind. However, it is still possible, and it can become routine for a dedicated pet sitter.

How to keep your dog’s teeth white. Advice from a dog walker.

Over time, professional dog walkers and pet sitters discover ways to help their customers. Baking soda is almost magical in its ability to whiten the teeth of both humans and their pets. People can wrap thick gauze around their fingers, wet the gauze, and then dab it with baking soda. From there, they can just vigorously rub the gauze over their dogs’ teeth. This same basic method works when it comes to human teeth whitening as well. Baking soda can also be used to help keep gums healthy because it works as a natural anti-bacterial agent.

Sometimes, mixing the baking soda with dog toothpaste and rubbing it onto the dogs’ teeth, in the same way, can help. Some dog toothpaste will contain whitening agents and some of it will not. Baking soda works well as a whitening agent in its right, and it is safe for the inside of a dog’s mouth.

It’s a good idea to split this up into several sessions. For one thing, dogs are usually not going to be patient enough for people to sit there and do the entire mouth in one sitting. It’s easy to run out of baking soda at this stage as well, and this is going to make it harder for the people who are trying to clean out a dog’s mouth.

It’s important to rub carefully since dogs can have fairly sharp teeth. Rubbing from the gum line to the tips of the teeth will tend to make it easier for people to avoid sticking themselves with the dog’s teeth. People who perform this procedure at least every few weeks or so are going to get dogs with white teeth. If you have questions about proper technique, feel free to ask your dog walker or pet sitter for advice.

Your dog’s dental health is of utmost importance. Poor dental hygiene can be even more detrimental to a canine than to us humans. Just follow these helpful dog walker tips to help keep your dog’s teeth fresh and clean.

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