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As a professional pet sitter and dog walker, there are few things that we haven’t experienced. When you are searching for someone to look after your pet when you are away from home there is no doubt that you will have the best intentions when undertaking this search. However, there are certain mistakes that owners often make when looking for a pet sitter that should be avoided.

Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing the Right Pet Sitter

Basing Your Decision On Price

The rule of you get what you pay for also applies to pet sitting. If you get some quotes and someone is charging a lot less than the others, then you might need to think about why this is the case. They must be cutting back on something, and it is most likely to be insurance that would protect you and your pet if something were to go wrong. Don’t forget to ask if dog walker services are included with the price of your pet sitter.

Choosing Someone Who Only Pet Sits As A Hobby

The problem with hiring someone who is only pet sitting for a hobby is that this job will not be a priority for them. There may be times when they don’t visit your pet as promised because something else has cropped up. You also have no way of making sure that they are doing what they are paid for as there is no one checking up on them.

Asking Family And Friends

While you may feel better about leaving your pet in the care of someone that you know and trust, this may not necessarily be the best thing for your pet. The person that you ask may not have any experience in dealing with pets, and they wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency. You also need to think about what the relationship with them would be like in the future if you were not completely happy with the job that they did. Being familiar family can also help if you are an alternative dog walker.

The best choice when you are looking for a pet sitter is to use a professional company. This may cost you a little more, but you have the peace of mind that your pet is being well looked after. A professional pet sitter will be highly experienced and have all the relevant insurances in place. They will also be able to provide references from previous clients which can give you further reassurance that your pet is in safe hands.

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