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We provide an alternative to kennels and boarding. Though kennels have an important place in the world of pets, the experience can often be stressful for your pet and your household. Simply stated, not all pets are right for kennels. That’s why Best Friends Dog Walkers provides a kennel alternative, which entails several trips to visit your pet during the day while you are away. How do you know if your pet is right for our kennel alternative? Here are some essential benefits of choosing a pet sitter over a kennel.


Your pet can keep their normal routine. This is excellent for puppies who may be in the middle of crate training. Consistency is the key during this type of training.


Kennels can be contagious environments. Kennel cough is a common ailment that infects many dogs in a closed, social setting. Distemper and parasites can also be passed through traditional boarding methods.

In the case of emergencies, pet sitters can often react on a quicker scale. Pet sitters spend the majority of their time with you pet. While at a kennel your dog may have prolonged periods where they are by themselves.

Care is specialized

Pet sitters can administer care on a small, often more efficient scale. Pet sitters tend to care for a smaller amount of pets at one time. Since care is on a smaller scale, it can be more personalized. A pet sitter can spend quality time with your pet. You usually pay more for this specialized care at a kennel.


As a dog parent, you may immediately believe that hiring a pet sitter is more expensive than a day at the kennel. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, our kennel alternative service comes in at slightly less than the average cost of a day at the kennel in the area.

So, as you can see, kenneling and boarding pets isn’t always the best option. Pet sitters provide the same care in different ways. Particularly for dogs and families who may be stressed out by the normal boarding experience. If you have any questions regarding our dog walking, pet sitting, or kennel alternative services please contact us at [email protected]