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We’ll get straight to the point here; as professional pet sitters, we have changed many cat litter boxes over the years. You could say that we’re experts on changing and maintaining litter. So, here are some simple tips if you are looking to improve your cat litter box procedures.

Location of the litter box is important

Our first inclination would naturally be to try to place the litter box as far away as possible from the main living area in your home. The problem here is that you may unintentionally place the litter box in a place that is not ideal from your cat. For example, your cat might not appreciate that their litter box is placed on a cold basement floor next to a noisy furnace. So kitty just might prefer peeing on the floor then.

So an equilibrium between your needs and kitty’s needs must be made. You can try placing the litter box in an area that provides privacy and convenience for your cat. It’s also important to keep the litter box away from where your cat eats and/or sleeps.

It’s also important to place one litter box on every level of your home if you are able. This provides your cat other options if for some chance their preferred litter box is blocked. Also, if you have cats that like to ambush each other while they’re pottying, having multiple litter boxes might promote more harmony. If you have a litter box located in a closet or small room, make sure to wedge doors open so that kitty doesn’t accidently get trapped.

How often should litter boxes be cleaned?

There is no definitive answer here, but as pet sitters, we like to promote cleaning the litter box every day. If you have the ability to, then why not, right?

How often you replace the litter is another choice. Generally, litter should be replaced a few times a week. But depending on how many times you clean it, you may be able to get away with once a week. Obviously, the frequency changes with the number of cats you are parenting.

Also, make sure that you take the the opportunity to disinfect the box itself when changing the litter out. We recommend using a natural cleaner, as products with ammonia or citrus oil can upset cats, and some cleaning products are toxic to them.

If you need any assistance on changing cat litter in your home, we’d love to help you. Please contact us at [email protected]