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If work or travel keeps you away from your pets, you’ve likely considered various options, from asking for help from family, calling kennels, to obtaining the services of a professional pet sitter. For pet owners who want the best care for their pets and who want the peace of mind that comes from using an educated, responsible pet care provider, pet sitters are an excellent choice.

What do pet sitters do?

Pet sitting is caring for a pet in in their home while the human is away. Dog walking is also a form of pet sitting since it involves coming to the pet’s home to provide activity and company. To put it simply, pet sitters care for your pets in your home. Pet owners use pet sitters when they go on a vacation, travel for business, or when they work. Pet sitters sometimes offer more than one pet sitting visit per day.

Common pet sitting tasks include:

  • Feeding the pets and changing their water
  • Providing exercise and play time, including dog walks
  • Cleaning litter boxes and cleaning up any other messes
  • Administering medication if needed
  • Providing companionship

Benefits of using a pet sitter include:

  • Pets are happier and feel less stress at home
  • Diet and exercise routines are unbroken
  • Travel shock for both owner and pet is reduced
  • Pet’s susceptibility to illness is reduced
  • Inexperienced or reluctant friends/family/neighbors need not be contacted
  • In-home pet care gives added peace of mind

Make sure to use a professional pet sitter

As the pet care industry develops, it is essential that pet owners are more careful than ever when selecting a pet sitter. As more and more online pet-sitter directories become available, it is important to research any site you are considering using to find a pet sitter and pay particular attention to the service providers listed.