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Wintertime has clearly started to leave its mark on many communities. Plow truck drivers and road commission workers are doing their best to keep the roads clear of ice and snow for safe commuting by spreading rock salt to help melt the ice or snow. Many people consider that rock salt can do damage to your shoes, and even your vehicles, and understand that in the wintertime it is a necessity for safer, easier traveling. What may not cross your mind in your everyday busy life, is what the road salt can do to your dog’s paws and health. As a professional pet sitter and dog walker, we have experience on this topic.

Pet Sitter Tips for Protecting Your Dog’s Paws From Rock Salt

Walking your dog is necessary to your pet for exercise and health, even in the wintertime. What they don’t need is for rock salt to get stuck in their paws while walking causing discomfort and even burns to their pads. Rock salt obviously isn’t the same as salt we use for food, it has chemicals that can be truly hazardous to your pet, and humans alike. Rock salt has been known to cause liver damage, seizures, vomiting and even death if too much is ingested. Your pet can easily come in contact with it and ingest a dangerous amount simply from licking its paws after a walk. There are a few ways to help protect your dog’s paws when taking them for their daily walk in the winter time:

  • Rub Vaseline on your dog’s foot pads before going outside.
  • Purchase doggie booties for your pets paws.
  • Keep a towel with you to wipe their feet during and after their walks.
  • Avoid salted roads or sidewalks if at all possible, grass is usually less contaminated.
  • Do is not let them drink from water puddles as they may contain remnants of rock salt.
  • To be safe, wash your dog’s paws with mild soap and warm water when they are done with their walk, don’t forget in between their toes where pieces can hide.

Before heading out to let your dog have some fun in the snow and romp around as they like to do, always take precautions to avoid the problems that rock salt can cause for your dog. This way they can remain healthy and happy for years to come. If you have any questions about our dog walker, pet sitter, or kennel alternative services, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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